Who We Are

Your friendly neighbourhood dog walker

Hey there, I'm Charlotte! I absolutely love dogs and I'm here to provide you and your furry friend with top-notch dog walking services. I understand that every dog has unique needs, and that's why I'm committed to tailoring my services to ensure that your pup is having the time of their life while in my care. Whether it's a leisurely stroll through the park or an energetic game of fetch, I'm here to keep your pet happy and entertained during the day. So if you're looking for a reliable and simply paw-some dog walker, look no further than me!

Our Team

Why I started

I started this many years ago but my tiny brain was really confused now that I've come back to it all these years later it makes a lot more sense I wanted to do it again because I LOVE dogs and dog walking is a way were I can connect to so many different dogs

Charlotte Weier

Our Friendly neighbourhood Dog Walker in Zillmere

I love animals great and small, I have two birds, two rats, two cats (that is a terrible match) and one big ass rat bag of a dog (just a big softy that is always up for a hug)! I am available every second week in Zillmere for walking your little furry friend!

Jason Weier (AKA DAD)

I feel honored to present to you this remarkable gentleman that stands beside me, he is whom I proudly refer to as my esteemed father. You can’t deny his significance in the family tree and beyond, being the forefather of our existence. Honestly, he’s more than just ‘starting it all’. He has been a symbol of integrity, dedication, and courage, a whooping epitome of fatherhood for all generations to come. He’s as cool as ice; a combination of happiness, kindness, strength, and love. It’s impossible not to feel the warmth of his aura in his presence. Indeed, he’s a true gem to behold, and words can’t do justice to how much he means to me. He shaped me into who I am, and for that alone, I will forever be grateful for having such a remarkable figure as my father. Oh yeah and he smells funny!